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Compu-Bias meters are warranted against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship for the period of two (2) years from the date of purchase. Probes carry a 90 day warranty. The warranty period starts on the date of purchase. Service under this warranty must be obtained by returning the unit (defective component) to Compu-Bias, or to an approved Compu-Bias distributor. This warranty does not guarantee serviceability in or for any application and will not include any incidental or consequential damage or loss caused either directly or indirectly. Shipping cost to and from Compu-Bias or to an approved servicing distributor are the responsibility of the customer/user.

Modifications and/or Alterations Void any warranty.

This warranty does not cover acts of god, abuse, misuse, normal wear and tear or use other than its original intention.

Probes are not typically repairable. Any defective probe must be returned to Compu-Bias, or to an approved Compu-Bias distributor for inspection before a warranty replacement can be issued. Probe cross shipment can be accommodated by purchasing a replacement probe, returning the defective part within fifteen (15) days. If it is found to be defective due to materials or workmanship a refund minus shipping will be issued.

Software update policy:
Software update notices will be posted on this page along with instructions on how to obtain them. Software is updated at the factory only. The normal return time will typically be 1-2 weeks. Updates may contain new features, improvements or options. Updates will be available without charge for the term of the warranty period. The customer is responsible for all shipping charges.

Current Software Version is 7.4NS

Returns & Cancellations:
If allowed, ALL returned or cancelled purchases will be subject to a minimum 15% restocking fee PLUS any and all the cost incurred in the handling, packaging/shipping and any costs of processing any financial transactions regarding an order using credit cards, bank transfers, PayPal or any other means used to convey payments. NO returns after 30 days. NO cancellations will be considered after 4 business days or after the product has shipped. Returned items once shipped must be returned in unopened as new condition before a refund is issued.

Shipping is typically based on weight, size, destination, contractor and speed. In an effort to reduce costs to the customer we offer flat rate shipping using either USPS or UPS. Items shipped outside the Continental US and/or with special shipping considerations may have additional shipping charges added. This includes PayPal buttons. We will email you if there is additional charges or if the shipping exceeds the flat rate amount. All shipped items have insurance if possible. If an item is lost in shipping a replacement item will be shipped as soon as the claim is settled in accordance with the details of the claim.
Our aim is a happy customer.
Updated 01-10-07

Do not plug the Compu-Bias into a broken amplifier. It won't fix anything and may damage the Compu-Bias.
Verify the tube and probe center pin keys are properly aligned before applying power (see manual).
Do not plug into rectifier socket.
Do not use the Compu-Bias if the probes or leads are damaged.
Potentially Lethal voltages exist inside any vacuum tube amplifier this includes the tube sockets.

If you need to change the bias and do not possess the technical knowledge required to perform this task. Take the amp to experienced technician as it requires knowledge of electronic circuits and high voltage safety..

This device is sold as an industrial/commercial test device. Any provided text is offered as a guide in the use/operation of this device (Compu-Bias bias meter) only. Compu-Bias is not responsible for any errors or omissions in this text. Neither Compu-Bias nor any other entity can or will be liable for any damage be it personal, property or monetary that may occur regarding this text or use of this device. This includes the amplifier or tubes being tested. This device may be in contact with potentially lethal voltages. The operator/user should have appropriate technical expertise commensurate with the tasks required. If while using or operating the Compu-Bias or any other device of this type the user/operator requires technical assistance it is the responsibility of user/operator to acquire that assistance. Use of any device without an appropriate ground is not advised.

Do not use this or any other device with damaged probes or poor protective ground connections.

We reserve the right to change, alter or delete any of the contents of this web site at any time.
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Compu-Bias reserves the right to change or cancel any information listed including availability, specifications, and technical information appearing on this site at any time without notice.
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