Compu-Bias Automaic Bias Meter Fully Automatic Tube Amp Bias Meter

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Comparison Page

Feature Compu-Bias™ Competition
Self Contained Yes Some (some require external power)
Displays Current Yes Yes (flipping switches or dedicated)
Displays Voltage Yes Some (flipping switches or dedicated)
Displays Tube Dissipation Yes NONE!
Displays All Values Fore More Than A Single Tube Yes NONE!
Automatic Operation Yes NONE!
Automatic Calculations Yes NONE!
Tests Both 8 and 9 Pin Tubes Yes Some (others have hard wired probes)
Easily See True Tube Balance Yes No
Test More Than 1 Tube Yes Some
Test More Than 1 Tube at the same time Yes NONE!
Order Only The Probes You Need Yes Some
Upgradable Yes No
Made In America Yes Some
Requires Other Expensive Equipment For Use No Some
Integrated Power Meter Yes NONE!

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