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Compu-Bias Customer Comments Page

Special thanks to the folks that have sent in this feedback.

"Got the Compu-Bias a few days ago. Shipping was fast thanks! Finally got around to trying it out and dang this thing works. Plug it in set the bias and balance in about 5 min. Pretty Slick!!"
Mike 12-21-06
"I just wanted to tell you that the unit itself is a fantastic and very useful piece of equipment. It makes biasing an amp so simple that after using it, I am very happy I purchased it instead of the "others" that I was looking into buying before I bought yours!"
D.F. 12-29-06 MADBOX Band
"Randy, thanks for all your help and a great product. I got the unit Friday AM and finished all the repair jobs on time. Thanks again."
M.F. 02-07-07
"Hi Randy, The meter arrived today and I had the opportunity to "tune up" one of our amplifiers. I was very impressed and I ordered the watt probe on-line this evening. I don't know if you already shipped out the other Octal probe to me, but maybe you can put both in the same box.......

P.S. Remember to let me know if I can help "talk up" the meter to non-believers."
S.C. 02-10-07
"So far, I can tell you that it has cut time to a fraction of what it has taken in the past... no more soldering, no more having to take various measurements and then calculate for correct values.

Basically, I have no dislikes at all. A back-light for the display would be nice but I understand why it's not there and that is very minor.

I especially like the idea of no power switch and the auto on/off. Too many other pieces of equipment I use daily (cable testers, cable tracers, radios, etc.) have external power switches and it never fails that somehow they are left on or get bumped on in their cases. The auto switch function between voltage/current measurement and output wattage measurement is nice too. Having no front panel controls at all, unlike the other meters I have used, makes Compu-Bias easier to use. It also makes it easier to store since you do not have to worry about control knobs sticking out and running the risk of breaking them."
M.F. 02-13-07
"Thanks for sending the new Guide and watt probe. We've experimented using various output tubes along with the Compu-Bias meter to set the proper bias. I've been able to try all sorts of tubes, KT-66's, 7581's, 6V6's, etc. and get the biasing correct the first time out. Because we use a solid state rectifier with some tubes and a tube rectifier with other output tubes, the plate voltages change and the bias changes dynamically as well. If I didn't have the Compu-Bias meter, I'd have to crank open the chassis to check the plate voltage. I'm very happy adding this meter to my arsenal of test equipment and tools."
S.C. 02-16-07
"Just a quick word to say I received the package today. Everything is fine..... I havn't had a chance to try it yet, might do that this week-end. I'll let you know, but I'm already happy with the feeling of quality from the stuff. It was well packed and the manual is quite interesting!
C.J CANADA 03-03-07
"It's actually a little RISC-based computer that measures the tube's plate voltage and Idle cathode current real-time and calculates the output tube dissipation wattage. I was skeptical but it met most of my criteria above. I've been having troubles with my Vibrolux, so I slapped on the probes (I got the Octal and Noval probe set) and was surprised but relieved to see some odd readings: plate voltage was around 415-417 for both but idle current were 15 and 31, wattage was 6.2 and 12.9...clearly 1 tube was not performing within bounds and the bias currents were wacked. Just to verify it wasn't something in the amp I swapped in another set of power tubes and got very consistent readings for the two tubes. The bias is a bit cold for the tube type, but I could see the tubes were pretty closely matched. The Compu-Bias gave me quick readings and I didn't have to measure anything inside the chassis of a powered up amp. The only outside calculation is to verify that the tubes are biased within a safe margin (70%) of the maximum output dissipation for the tube. I'm still trying to find consistent, accurate tube data.

It may be a little pricier compared to some of the other units but the convenience and software upgradability make it a workable tool for me. I can see how this can be very useful in the care and feeding of my amps. The company/product has just recently started up but looks like they have a solid product. Randy knows his stuff and has a technical background. Very patient on the phone with my ongoing questions. If you're looking for a biasing tool you might want to check it out."
Joe C 03-08-07
"Randy, I received everything (and it works flawlessly)..
I truely think the compu bias is a wonderful product. I did 4 amps with the new unit with no issues of anykind.. Way cool and very quick. I think even better than the product is your support. I will always go out of my way to "good mouth" both the Compu-Bias and Mission Electronics to anyone that will listen to me..
Thanks so much"
Al A 04-18-07
"The cable being in front of the key on the probe makes it easier to "aim" too, nice.
I'd like to thank and congratulate you for the outstanding level of support here! My Bassman really sings now......."
C.J CANADA 05-01-07

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